Electrostatic Painting

Professionally applied electrostatic paint can make dull, faded or rusted metal surfaces look like new again! We use only state-of-the-art Ransburg equipment that is compact and portable, so we can bring it to your home or worksite to brighten lanai screened enclosure frames, window and door frames, furniture, gates, fences, balconies, lockers, and lamp posts - most ferrous and nonferrous metal objects.

Electrostatic painting breathes new life into old metal equipment, restoring its ability to resist harsh salt water, sand, sun and chemical elements year round.

Retention ponds found at golf courses and condominium complexes often collect concentrated amounts of fertilizers from rainwater runoff and irrigation systems. Nearby metal lamp posts, fences, benches, doors and walkways can deteriorate rapidly, needing more frequent maintenance than other areas. Electrostatic painting is the only system that can adequately protect metal surfaces subjected damage by fertilizers.

We have experienced, factory-trained electrostatic painter technicians who can rejuvenate your equipment and increase their life expectancy that simply cannot be achieved with brush and roll application. The process is completely safe when applied by professional painters.

We use only premium paint that is suited for each individual application. Of course, every paint project first gets Florida Painters extensive preparation before the paint goes on.

Surfaces to be painted are thoroughly checked and machine or hand sanded. We repair and patch problem areas to ensure the structures are sound and smooth. In some exterior applications, pressure cleaning or chemical stripping is necessary for best results. Then we wipe the surfaces with the proper solvent to remove any final residue before priming.

While other finishes are available, a high gloss finish achieves a gleaming, almost automotive, mirror-like finish. Restore your older metal equipment to its original luster with a fresh coat of electrostatic paint.

The cost is far less than replacing the equipment and your original investment will live on for many years to come.

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